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A state of the art hospital information solution

We offer a full suite of tools for clinical tasks, hospital management, and patient administration. Providing a streamlined operation from front-office clinical to back-office administrative, enhanced administration and control, international standard patient care, revenue and cost control through access information and data analysis, while still maintaining compliancy and quality process.

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Electronic Medical Record

The new feature and the heart of HOPE® HIS is the Electronic Medical Record (EMR). This is the central storage for all medically related documentation, consolidating the medical history of each patient into a single medical record which differentiate HOPE® from other HIS solutions. Using the EMR, clinicians can quickly and simultaneously view medical examinations, diagnoses, treatment histories, test results, and medical histories. As a plus, our EMR system uses a constantly updating Joint Commission International (JCI) Standard as reference.

Comprehensive Medication Management

HOPE® Physician, Ward and Pharmacy module is one of the important elements of the medication management system that helps by increasing patient safety by decreasing the risk of patients receiving the wrong or unnecessary medication. HOPE® HIS provides the tools needed for wide medication administration. Drug interaction checking, drug monographs, and explicit dosage instructions are available to provide effective decision support and reduce risk.

Patient Administration System

HOPE® HIS manages entire patient care workflow as it has never been easier. From the registration of patient information in the Master Data Patient, to bed tracking and discharge, HOPE® HIS Registration, Admission, Discharge, Transfer system manages the necessary administrative procedures for both inpatient and outpatient visits, including allocating doctors, applying payment policies for third party payer, and assigning beds. HOPE® HIS includes comprehensive patient medical record tracking and medical coding.

Nursing Workspace

In an inpatient environment, nurses are a critical part of intensive, acute and sub-acute care settings. With HOPE®, caring for patients as a nurse through multiple levels of care, including patient observations, notifications and subscriptions, work lists, medication administration, documentation, ordering, and bed management is now made more nurse-friendly. All documentation can be recorded in the system. HOPE® HIS provides a flexible and configurable platform to support and simplify all nursing related activities.

Revenue Cycle Management

When it comes to commercial side of the business, HOPE® HIS includes the integration of payment and billing systems, easily manageable by a centralized and controlled policy set-up tool. The Patient Finance system then generates accurate billing upon request to an unlimited number of payers according to the policies assigned to the patient's visit. Integrating all real-time inpatient and outpatient charges generated during a patient visit, administration staffs have quick access to current patient demographic and billing information in a day, throughout the week, across the entire system.

Materials Management

Any medical operations depends heavily on having the right supplies when and where the caregivers need them without creating waste and inflating costs through over-stocking. HOPE® Materials Management module regulates inventory and purchasing, automatically tracking and managing stock across the hospital from the point of care to the warehouse. Purchase orders and vendor management are also integrated by the system, with direct interface to HOPE® financial and clinical systems for real-time usage tracking and cost accounting.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

The ultimate goal of having information system is not only to help getting things done, but also to know if it is done optimally. Providing a powerful set of business intelligence tools specifically designed for healthcare organisations, HOPE® HIS acts as a highly efficient warehouse for enterprise data, creating a data platform from which Business Intelligence and Online Analytical Processing can be easily applied. Comprehensive reports are available as well as the possibility to customize reports.

Key Benefit

HOPE® Hospital Information System was conceived by professionals who has passion, expertise, and rich experience in Indonesia healthcare industry, willing to provide excellence, by creating a next generation Hospital Information System.

  • All-round management

    Thoroughly manage your institution's medical records, from paper to electronic. Allows hospitals to create and manage electronic forms to capture clinical data at any point in the patient care journey.

  • Streamlined operations

    Optimise workflow and management functions. Improve staff functionality with easy-to-use interface.

  • Maintain outstanding performance

    Always comply to the International standard for clinical services. Built to serve international clinical standard, HOPE® HIS connects care users to comply with international standard environment.

  • Keep in charge

    Enhanced administration and control allows the organization to be flexible in allowing multiple business scenarios in modules to support the most optimal business workflows for your healthcare organization.

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